Month: March 2014

Lululemon Swim Collection 2014

Some great catalogue images of the Lululemon Swim Collection which is due to release on tonights upload. 

Product Drop Monday: New Print

A new floral print which we saw featured in the post below in the new Lululemon Swimwear Collection.

Swim Collection 2014 Coming Monday Night

Thanks to wonderful reader Ms. K for sharing this scoop with us. The new Spring 2014 Luluelmon Swim Collection is coming online Monday night and will not be available in stores. All of…

New WAFS Wunder Under Pants

I believe these are Cashew/Black/Soot WAFS Wunder Unders but it may also have Cadet Blue in them. 

Lulumum Blog Sale

I ended up breaking down and picking up the Antidote Energy Bra this afternoon which makes my Energy Bra collection a little bit unruly so to make room for Antidote, one of…