Thursday, June 20, 2024

Iconic Sweater Wrap in Cadet Blue/Black and Traveling Yogini Rucksack

by Cristina

I used to own the Iconic Wrap when it was out in 2010 and made out of pima cotton. I was able to size down in that run and it was soft and thin just like the old 5yr Pima Tees. This year I happened to try on my TTS in the cotton Iconic Wraps and was shocked at how stiff the cotton was and how tight it fit in the arms. I’m convinced they were sized/sewn with the wrong arm patterns. I like that this version is knit because usually with knits they start off snug and then relax quite a bit, plus they are soft and have a really beautiful drape. 

Iconic Sweater Wrap with Traveling Yogini Rucksack

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