Thanks to a reader for letting me know that my blog was mentioned in a skit on ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes‘. For you none Canadian readers, its a very long running and well known Canadian news satire and parody show. My husband and I just watched the episode and we were so excited to see the mention. This made my new years!

In the skit, this senior citizen is ranting that her driving privileges had being taken away for not respecting ‘right of way’ but now that she’s gotten Grand Theft Auto for Christmas from her grandson she’s having great fun because seniors can drive the way they want to where its all the right way all the time on GTA. She then bursts out ‘Eat my bumper, judgy lululemon mommy blogger!!!!’ 

I don’t think I’ve flipped the bird to any seniors recently but you never know šŸ™‚

watch the skit *here* at around 36 minutes 


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