Friday, June 14, 2024

Bust A Move Jacket, Bust A Move Pants

by Cristina

New Bust A Move Jacket and Bust A Move Pant. These items where uploaded several weeks ago but are now just getting to stores. I’m so frustrated by the lag in online products getting to stores these days, it really dissuades me from in store shopping. Especially since I missed out on the Runday Crops when they were uploaded thinking that they would be in store to try on. Thankfully a lovely reader is passing on her Rundays to me that she was going to return (Thank you!!!!!!). 

This jacket is quite cute but I wish it didn’t have the double ruffle and the solid grey layer. Other than that I like it. Although I do like the Urbanite Blazer a lot more, especially since the price is the same. I also like the moto seaming on the Bust A Move Pant with the articulated knees. 

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