Going through September items and there are so many great pieces. One item I really badly regret not getting was the Urbanite Blazer. I loved it when I saw it but for some reason the price of $178 seemed too steep and so I figured it would sit on shelves for a few weeks while I thought about it or get marked down but by the time I decided I needed it it was gone in my size. Oh well, maybe its a design that will make a comeback at some point. 

I really loved Cornflower a lot this month so I ended up getting both the 105f Singlet and the Ebb To Street Tank and I got the tweed Studio Softshell which I’ve gotten tons of use out of. One thing I hated this month was all the Ziggy print stuff, and it came in every color in both bottoms, pants, jackets and tops. Blech! I know ziggy print has a lot of love out there but there was just SO much of it that it seemed to take over for about 3 solid weeks.  We also saw green bean make an initial appearance in the paisley printed speed shorts.

This is the ‘Fast Turn’ design I mentioned in my last post that sold out within minutes on the website. Fast turn designs are made out of recycled fabrics and are not part of the design plans throughout the year but bonus items that are quickly designed, created and put out to market in order to make use of garments that had not worked out. 


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