12 Days Of Christmas: Day 6 – June

December 20, 2013

June was a fun month! I really liked the color pallet of Love Red, Spry Blue and Sizzle (and have liked the color palettes ever since – well done new color guy). Very primary colors, but individually the colors where great. I got the Spry Blue and Sizzle Cool Racerback this month,  and Spry Contempo Jacket which I love, but the CRB’s are a size 8 which was perfect then and right now are too huggy. I’m sure they will be perfect by early spring again.  I also got the Play All Day shorts in black and really loved them. The shape is so chic and flattering. I had to return them though because the length of them was a touch too short for me and I didn’t want to have to alter them by ripping the seams of the folded hem and changing the flattering design completely.  I hope they come out with a tall Play All Day version or Play All Day II’s. I didn’t care for the Blissed Out Wrap but they flew off the shelves in no time flat so they were definitely popular. The Festival Bag was also hugely popular but because it came out in so many colorways, some of them ended up marked down. That’s a trade secret by the way, multiple colorways almost invariably result in mark downs even on popular designs. 

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