Monday, June 17, 2024

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 4 – April

by Cristina

April started warming up design and colorwise for me and there were a few goodies I got this month. Some items I admired from afar, and others I had to have. There definitely were still some big flops though as you will see in the last few photos. Lots of weird shaped tanks in burnout material (which I loath at Lululemon prices) and sheerness in the luon as well. A big bright spot of the month for me though was the return of ‘Made in Canada’ luon tanks, and especially a return to the old luon Power Y’s

Pinstripe Wunder Unders and Elongate Burnout Tee

These wunder unders where such a big hit. I think they sold out really quickly. I didn’t end up getting a pair myself.

What I did buy though, after seeing my Crossfit coach model them as our stores ambassador, was the Wee Stripe Ghost/Coal Inspire Crops. 

I didn’t buy this Rest Day Pullover because the neck always bugged me but I really do like the look of them and in Fresh Teal I thought it was especially cute. 

My ‘Made In Canada’ Very Green Power Y. Love this tank. Hardly wear Power Y’s to Crossfit but I really love it anyways. 

Transparency Jacket hit steep markdown pretty quickly. Cute in Fresh Teal but I didn’t bite the bullet on it. 

Twiggy Print was not my favourite. It came in this Power Purple colorway as well as a grey/white version

Sheer luon continued

Open Soul Tank

I really disliked the shape of this tank as well as the color blocking.

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