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Product Drop Monday: Open Your Heart Long Sleeve

November 4, 2013

Stopped in at my store today and they had a few new items. Knit mittens, toques and scarves (posted about that line on Saturday I think), Raspberry No Limit Tank (solid bra and tank), new sweat pants (forgot the name..calm and cozy maybe? they were cotton and $88). 

The item I liked though was the Open Your Heart Long Sleeve made out of double layered Modal Cotton and reversible. It doesn’t necessarily feel all that soft to the touch but it’s a gauzy type of cotton so when you put it on it’s quite soft but also airy (not stiflingly warm like I found the old Cabin LS’s to be) and cozy. It came in two colorways, solid heathered inkwell reverse to inkwell/surge stripe and this purple (probably Winter Orchid) heathered purple on one side and striped purple on the there. I tried this on in a size 10, my usual sweater size, and it’s quite long and relaxed. I like that it doesn’t cling around the middle and instead it floats away from the body. The length is totally butt covering so perfect for Wunder Unders. I’ll be sticking with this size since I want the long length. I didn’t bring one home today mostly because although I really liked the striped sides I didn’t like either of the solid sides. I couldn’t decide on color so I opted to think about it and possibly order one tonight on upload. I’m leaning towards the purple though. I think we will see a third colorway in this, possibly raspberry or maybe a neutral. 

Winter Orchid/Deep Zinfandel

Surge/Inkwell, Heathered Inkwell

There were also these cotton sweats in but I don’t really like sweats. They were soft and priced at $88 and also came in an oatmeal like color. 

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