I posted about the Yeah Yoga Tank earlier today and we now have a color name for the lighter purple on the straps. It’s Winter Orchid! So now we know the colors are Raspberry, Surge, Deep Zinfandel and Winter Orchid. And based on the Astro Shorts shown bellow we know we are getting Micro Macro Stripe (also in the Black Vinyasa Scarf posted mid week) and Beautiful Baroque Print. I’ve heard a rumour today that the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover is making a comeback this winter but that doesn’t excite me as much as it excites most others. I find it way too warm for me, even in winter. 

I also forgot to post about these Astro Shorts that made We Made Too Much this morning. Both are new Surge/Inkwell Micro Macro Stripe with Beautiful Baroque Print and Raspberry Micro/Macro Stripe.

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