Sorry for the mashed up photos of all the latest. I usually try to get all the same items grouped together but I’m really tight on time today and there is so much to share. I hopped over to the Metrotown Lululemon today and found the Energy Bra in Plum Wee Are From Space and it’s gorgeous. Fit is the same as solid plum and Angel Wing/Soot Hyperstripe. It’s snug, but not a size up for me. Seems like a lot of US and Canadian stores have it in today. 

Ziggy Power Y, French Terry Vinyasa and Cornflower DSC’s.

Angel Wing Slalom CRB with Can’t Stop Crop
This CRB is on the thicker side, and reasonably soft, but it does have some polyester mixed in to it which is contributing to it being slightly sheer in certain lighting. 

A few pairing ideas for the Green Bean Paisley Speed Shorts

Cornflower Inspire Crops

Inkwell Paisley No Limit Tank and Green Bean Speed Shorts

Black hyperstripe CRB with Can’t Stop Crops? (not sure on the bottoms)

Cornflower Paisley No Limit Tank

 105F Singlet in Angel Wing

Savasana Softshell Jacket

Angel Wing Swiftly paired with Run: For Fun Crops in Plum
Just gorgeous pictures!


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