by Cristina

She’s Swift Jacket in Plum Hyperstripe, New Print in Australia/New Zealand, and Angel Wing Swiftly LS

September 29, 2013

I posted this picture yesterday of a new Print/Color on the Australia/New Zealand side, and a reader was lovely enough to share in the comments what the print is. It’s Cornflower Blue, and she described as Pigment Blue with a black gingham like check over the blue and an embossed paisley print in the fabric which sounds like a print similar to this one on the men’s side which I posted below. I wonder if it is the same print. 

The Plum/Inkwell Hyperstripe She’s Swift Jacket. I really like this jacket and especially like it in the Plum Hyserstripe so I’m glad my store hasn’t gotten this color in so that I don’t get tempted to buy it, since I can’t justify a run jacket purchase. 

Wow, I remember there being a white/off white Swiftly LS out last year but I don’t think it was as sheer as this Angel Wing Swiftly LS. 


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