Thursday, June 20, 2024

Heathered Cool Racerbacks Coming? And Savasana Softshell, C.Y.B Tank, Paisley Inkwell No Limit Tank

by Cristina

Looks like we will be seeing Heathered Cool Racerbacks again soon. Yay!  We have Heathered Blue Moon and Heathered Soot listed in a product notification as well as a sneak peek picture of the Heathered Soot CRB in a product shot for headbands. I’d love a Heathered Green Bean as well as a solid Green Bean CRB. 

 Savasana Softshell Jacket

Just not liking the look of this jacket on anybody. 

Paisley Inkwell No Limit Tank with Plum Journey Crops

Pretty Pink C.Y.B Tank with October Ziggy WU’s

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