by Cristina

Lululemon Online Ordering Disaster

August 27, 2013

If you tried ordering from Lululemon’s upload last night and you are in the US, you probably encountered serious issues with trying to complete your order. There are hundreds of reports today of orders not completing, having to be reattempted constantly, only to have all of the attempts filled hours later. This has happened week after week now and last week it seems it was isolated to Canadian shoppers. This puts holds on pay pal funds that do not fall away for at least a week or more. This flags shoppers credit cards with ‘suspicious activity’ or puts shoppers over their limits as thousands of dollars worth of orders accumulate. And the GEC’s response to these complaints is that ‘this is the first I’m hearing of this‘, ‘you can just return all those items to the store when they arrive‘, to ‘this is an apple browser problem‘, ‘We are aware of the problem and can’t do anything about it‘ and ‘Since you are requesting the cancelations later than an hour after ordering, we cannot cancel these extra orders for you‘  No apologies whatsoever.

The Lululemon e commerce site has been operating now for  4 years and it has encountered problem after problem that never seems to be important enough to Lululemon to resolve. Having customers credit payments and pay pal funds tied up over these mistakes is inexcusable. 

If you encountered these issues last night or from prior uploads, please share with us how Lululemon dealt with your transaction in order to unburden you of their mistakes and satisfy you that it will not occur again. 

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