Monday, June 17, 2024

Fit Report: Shake And Break Shorts in Midnight Iris with Tuck And Flow Long Sleeve in Plum

by Cristina

Yesterday I did a fit review of the Sea Check Multi Shake And Break Shorts and the popular opinion is that the print was a bit of a disaster on those shorts since they were multi directional so those are going back. I had a few requests to show the Midnight Iris version of the shorts which I’d decided to keep, so here they are. They are 4-way stretch, and have a zip pocket which fits my iphone very comfortably without weighing down the shorts (iphone is in my pocket in these pictures). The 4-way stretch version seems to not ride up up at all on me where as I think the 2-way stretch would ride up a bit as I walk. 

I’m also wearing my Plum Tuck And Flow Long Sleeve in Plum and I am totally in love with this top. I float between an 8 and a 10 in tops depending on style and how bloaty I’m feeling at the moment and I got the Tuck And Flow in an 8 mostly because that was the only size left, but I’m happy with the fit. I love that there are no athletic details such as venting or excessive reflective stripping or color blocking on this top. It’s just nice and soft RULU in a solid color. I also got the Angel Slolem Stripe one which initially I was hanging on to until I could find the Plum, but now I want to keep both. 

 Iphone is inside the zip pocket inside the left side pocket

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