Plum In The Flow II Crops with Energy Tank

I’ve read reports that the Plum In The Flow Crops are thick and cushy and opaque! I’ll report as soon as mine arrive this afternoon. 

 Fluffin’ Awesome Vest in Angel Wing over Blue Moon Race Me Long Sleeve

Blue Moon 105F Singlet and Plum In The Flow Crops

I got my Plum 105F Singlet last week and I LOVE it! It’s my first one and I got it in a size 8. I love that I can wear it with jeans too. When I’m not so poor from ‘August Plum Bonanza’ I’ll get another 105F Singlet

Plum Fluffin’ Awesome Vest over Soot Light Tuck And Fly Long Sleeve, Midnight Iris Wunder Unders

Black Fluffin’ Awesome Vest paired with Plum Studio Pants

I hear thats a good book

Angel Wing Fluffin’ Awesome Vest, Raspberry Glow Swiftly, Plum In The Flow Crops

This is an adorable combo!

Plum Fluffin’ Awesome Vest

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