Hey dear readers, I’ve been wanting to do something to this blog for a long time now and finally figured out how exactly to do that. I’ve wanted to add a forum feature to this blog since a lot of you readers are not on facebook and don’t get a chance to enjoy some of the lululemon groups meant as chat groups or as buying/selling groups. Well, I just found a forum program that is blogger compatible and went ahead and set it up. It’s called ‘Confessions Of A Lululemon Addict‘ and there is a link to it at the top of my page. Last year I ran a feature on this blog where readers sent in photographs of their lululemon closets to be posted on this blog, and so I thought that would be a great first topic. Post your ISO (in search of), post your unicorns captures, post your insane Speed Short or Cool Racerback Collections. Play around with it and start topics as you please. I will of course moderate this forum so nobody gets their feelings hurt, or nothing weirdo gets posted. It is a work in progress so I don’t have rules posted just yet, but they are coming. 

Let me know how you like this feature! I really hope it becomes an active community. 


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