Whole 30 Completed

December 11, 2012

Man, I’ve been so lazy I completely forgot to update all of you on my whole 30 completion. Thanks to one of my readers for reminding me that I sort of left you all hanging. I completed the Whole 30 on November 30 and had totally planned on indulging in ONE Starbucks Eggnog Latte on December 1st and then resuming the Whole 30. Well, as I mentioned before I ended up just having a couple of sips of an eggnog latte my husband ordered and thought, ‘well damn! that still tastes pretty awesome!’. So I knew that it would be trouble for me. Starbucks drinks are a slippery slope for me and I can’t just allow myself to pick that habit back up again so I’ve remained Whole 30 (11 days now post whole 30) and am still drinking my coffee black while on the go, or with a touch of coconut milk while at home. I love my coffee with Coconut milk now! We had a Christmas party to go to last Friday and it was really tough drinking just mineral water while everyone else had fancy drinks in hand and the conversation was a bit dull, but still, killing my diet didn’t seem worth it. I have several more parties to go to until Christmas so hopefully I can remain strong. I will indulge on Christmas eve/Christmas, but I’ll also do so in moderation. I don’t need to have everything thats offered…but maybe I will have one or two sugar cookies and an eggnog latte. January 1st my Crossfit Box is starting another Whole 30 so I’m going to do it again and remain strict. 

I’ve lost 10lbs in the 30 days, and several inches throughout (with the exception of my arms). My skinny jeans that where super tight when I got them November 1st are now baggy on me. My Cool Racerbacks are now much longer on me and my clothes fit better. I’m getting lots of compliments on my skin and I’m sleeping better. We did a benchmark test at my gym before and after the diet and my ‘Fran’ time for all you crossfitters improved by almost 2 minutes! I feel really good!!!! In the past 11 days I’ve only lost one additional pound but still, it’s enough that I want to keep going. Who knows, next week it may be another 2-3 lbs. I really like this way of eating and I like all the side effects I’m getting from it. I wish eating this way wasn’t as complicated when eating out. Its so simple at home to just prepare real foods that are balanced with protein veggies and fat, but when you go out to eat every meal has such complicated ingredients. 

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