by Cristina

So Is it 800-Fill-Power? Or 650-Fill-Power?? What The Fluff Indeed!

November 20, 2012

Lululemon can’t seem to give us a straight answer on the key features of their down What The Fluff line and wether the products are 800 Fill like they are claiming or 650 Fill as suspected. Read here to see what the Competition Bureau of Canada says about misleading advertising and labeling  in case you were curious about that.  Several weeks ago when I purchased the Run: Turn Around Jacket which had a hang tag that claimed it was 800 Fill, the website said it was 650 Fill. I phoned the GEC to confirm what the Fill count actually is (last years version offered at the same price is 650 Fill). GEC emailed me the following day as the details where not readily at hand for the people staffing the customer service lines. The ‘Product Gurus’ had looked into my question and verified that the Run Turn Around Jacket is in fact mislabeled and the item is 650 Fill. Lululemon has decided to keep the 800 Fill Count tags on the Turn Around Jackets and they are now claiming it is in fact 800 Fill. So what we know is that we can’t know what the actual fill count is of these items as they are not labeled with garment tags specifying the down details, and Lululemon has zero interest in clarifying the actual fill count of these items for us since it is to their benefit that we believe the fill count is 800 Fill. 

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