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Rumor Confirmation: Clam Digger Crops Are Being Held Back

June 28, 2012

Thanks to a reader for sharing this email she got from Lululemon in regards to her online order of clam digger crops. After my post about the crops (here), some readers where discussing how they tried the crops on in store and they had such a strong fishy odor that they left the crops behind. The odor was strong enough to fill the fitting room and one reader thought it was her running shoes. Not all the crops in all stores have this odor but it seems like some of them have been plagued with this issue. Over on Lulu Addict a reader mentioned in the comments section that that specific smell was caused by a Formaldehyde spray used on retail clothing as a preservative that keeps clothing looking crisp and fresh and prevents growth of bacteria and to ensure color fastness (are they over spraying to prevent color leaching in transit?). The odor happens when the spray isn’t cured properly or when too much is used. Lululemon has not confirmed that this is the issue, however this is the speculation. I personally never wash my new clothing before I wear (except for undergarments of course) but now that I know that formaldehyde is used (which is a carcinogen!) I’m a bit horrified that this chemical stew just sits on my skin while I sweat. If you suffer from eczema, this will exacerbate it. 

So there you have it. If you ordered the crops and your order status was ‘not shipped’ you will eventually get your order once those items have aired out. The rest of us have learned a little something about how clothing retailers prepare their garments for sale. To learn more, read ‘Is Your Clothing Laced With Formaldehyde?’

Clam Digger II

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