Friday, June 14, 2024

Store Report: Cool Racerback *Rib

by Cristina

I momentarily peeked in at my store today to have a look at the new Every Yogi LS and SS and Coquitlam did indeed have the heathered Aqua which is gorgeous and soft. Looks just like the Cabin LS’s. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try anything on this time but I do plan on returning for proper try ons very soon. Definitely tempted by the Every Yoga Short Sleeve which has an adorable (and yes very gimmicky) inner tag that says ‘Love Always’ or something like that. It’s silly I know but I found it really cute. Maybe I’d wear mine inside out.  The Rib CRB’s were in and I was really surprised at how very soft the Paris Pink one was. Thin, soft and super stretchy. The others, Fossil and Black were soft as well but not nearly as soft as the Paris Pink one was. Also I was pleased at it being 94-97% Nylon Spandex with no polyester which is what the Ebb and Flow Crops are made out of and they are extremely durable. If you haven’t already, get the Ebb and Flow Crops. They are THAT amazing. Lululemon, I want to see more items in this Ebb and Flow material. I don’t exactly know what it is other then Nylon Spandex in a really nice knit but it’s just amazing in every way. There are reports that the Apres Run Anorak which is another item I really love is on sale in some stores for $109 (down from $158 I think). My store didn’t have them marked down today but If you see them and you’ve been sitting on the fence about them I do recommend it for very rainy climates like mine. 

Thanks to Ms. S for sharing her picture of the Paris Pink Rib* CRB

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