Saturday, June 22, 2024

Review: Dance Strap Tank vs. Flow And Go (Help Me Decide)

by Cristina

Drat. My Dance Strap Tank that I ordered on Monday evening just arrived and I really, really like it. It’s super comfortable in my TTS (size 10 vs. my occasional size 8) and probably supportive enough for some crossfit days although I don’t think I would wear it to Crossfit (don’t judge me if I do wear a pretty tank to Crossfit though, I can lift heavy) I’m mostly looking for a pretty tank to wear in the summer. The support is probably a bit better than a Free to Be Bra and with more coverage. I’d say it’s close to a Power Y supportiveness but if you have a bust larger than 36C then you you wont have enough coverage over your boobs and the cleavage may be too much depending on your modesty. I really love the sheen on the ruched ribbon that makes up the straps and the bust detailing.  My problem is that I also really liked the Navy Flow and Go Tank I showed you yesterday but I can’t keep both. The Flow and Go had much less support then this tank but was lighter and airier and maybe better suited to wearing with jeans? I don’t know what to do..what do you guys think..

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