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February 14, 2012

Photos of the latest in no particular order. Rumor is that the original paris pink run of items is being pulled from stores today. Their are items in Paris Pink in a second run that are ok and not experiencing color running and fading and those are not being pulled. I washed my Heathered Paris Pink CRB last night after wearing it to crossfit and I had no problems with it so far so it may depend on the batch that it came from. My Heathered Rose Petal Scuba Hoodie however is in rough shape. I washed it the other day for the first time and yesterday I noticed that there is very drastic fading along all of the seams. It looks terrible since it’s such a soft color to begin with. 

Every Yoga Long Sleeve

I kind of hate that they are renaming these items and then marking them up $10. I do think that Vitasea is an improvement but when the Modern came in a Vitasea version last year the price remained the same. I initially really wanted an Aquamarine Cabin LS and there is an Every Yoga LS in Heathered Aquamarine that reverses to grey…but I think I will pass. 

 Ebb and Flow Crops

What the hell is this miraculous space material? it’s thin and airy yet it compresses and smoothes. It doesn’t pill or snag…it’s just awesome. If you can get your hands on a pair get them because they are terrific. 

 Fossil rib* CRB

 More of the Every Yoga LS. I’m not a fan of this one, you can see the thinner stripes thru on the reverse side since they are so dark. 

I’m tempted by this Every Yoga SS in Heathered Aquamarine. I love the color and I love that the sleeves are slightly longer than most short sleeves. 

This Run: Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip is gorgeous. I am half tempted by it but I’m resisting. I like that the zipper looks a bit improved from the last Swiftly zip up with some contrast color and reflectivity. 

 These speed shorts look really cute in Indigo

 And the heathered Indigo In Stride Jacket is quite pretty!

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