Photos Of The Latest: Tadasana Pants, Back On Track Pullover, In Strides, Defines, Cross My Heart Tank

Destined for Greatness Duffel

This bag is just gorgeous! I love the jewel town satin in these bags and if I didn’t already have a Bon Voyage Duffel I’d be tempted to get this one. 

 Tadasana Pants 

A lot of you have been waiting for the return of the Tadasana Pants and finally they are back. I love the high rise of these pants and that they are a narrower leg with a cinchable hem. Super cute!

 Tadasana Pants, Deep Breath Tank

 In Stride Jackets are Back!

I love the In Stride Jacket over the Stride Jackets. The Strides are just really heavy and busy with the colar and a lined hood so I love that the In Stride is much lighter version and can be worn underneath a vest or jacket without fussing with the extra hood. 

 Chai Time Pullover II

I saw this one in store today and got to pet it. Sad to leave it behind but to be honest I don’t love it as much as my Paris Pink one. Also, I really wish it was Rocksteady and not Pigment. There is something about the chalkyness of Pigment Blue that I just love and I’m sad I didn’t get anything in that color (other than the Scuba). I would have loved a Chai Time in Rocksteady or even a Cabin LS. Oh well, If this is still around by the end of the month I may just get it, but like I said I really blew my budget early on this month with my long time coming  Frye Boots purchase as well as the registration fee for the Seawheeze

 Pique Define

My only luon jacket is a Pique In Stride and I love it because it’s neutral, soft and goes with everything. It looks really great with jeans and it’s just a basic thin jacket. I highly recommend a pique Define or In Stride. 

Scoop Neck Tank

In Stride Jacket

Back On Track Pullover

I am loving this silver spoon stripe print on the pullovers. Can’t wait to see the Stay On Course Pullover in this print. 

It’s Happening Jacket

Define Jackets

Cross My Heart Tank

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