Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Upload Tomorrow?

by Cristina

Someone on the lululemon forum Lulu This Just In posted that someone in the GEC confirmed there will be an upload tomorrow morning even though there was one on boxing day. I’m a bit bummed out by that because I’m cut off until January. I’ve spent enough with Christmas shopping and I have no more gift cards so even if the Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover that I’m dying for is uploaded I wont be getting it. And that will really piss me off.

Are you looking forward to tomorrows upload or were you hoping for a reprieve from temptation? 

Possible surprise item upload:  Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover II

Items released in stores post Boxing Day (not yet uploaded)

Deep Breath Tank

No Limit Tank Pig Pink/Pig Pink Stripe, Pigment Blue/White, Silver Spoon/Silver Spoon Stripe

Cool Racerback Pigment Blue/

Run: Shine Your Heart Out Vest

Power Y Tank Heathered Pigment Blue

Heathered Black Vinyasa Scarf 

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