Heathered Pigment Blue Cool Racerback Tank and Run: Around Shorts

My store (coquitlam centre) got this Heathered Pigment Blue Cool Racerback on Monday but I didn’t have much of a chance to try it on. It was pretty soft but not as soft as Heathered Paris Pink.

Last year, the Wish Blue CRB which is similar to Pigment Blue came out in Static version which made me pass on it since I didn’t like the shiny slickness of it. The Power Y last year was a matte soft heathered wish blue instead of the static which I loved but since I didn’t wear Power Y’s I passed in hopes that we would see a Heathered Wish CRB. Alas, this years Pigment Blue looks almost exactly what I was hoping for last year so I may end up getting this one. But there are other things on my wish list for January so I’ll be lucky if it’s still around when I’m ready to buy.

 Run: Around Shorts, Reversible

I really like these and will hopefully try them on soon. 

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