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Fit Review: Chai Time Pullover II

by Cristina

I was feeling super tempted by the Paris Pink Chai Time Pullover that was uploaded last night but I decided to wait instead and see if my store got them in today to try on. Although they did have the black and grey Chai Times in they didn’t have the Paris Pink one so I wasn’t able to see if the inside is really different from the outside. The online web pictures don’t show if the inside is a solid Paris Pink like the contrasting cuffs are as apposed to the outside murkey blurred grey/pink combination. My suspicion is that its the same as the outside with just a different weave. The Chai Time II is TTS, reversible and has a relaxed fit (those of you like me with a mummy muffin top will like to know that it can safely be worn with jeans, especially slouched). This years version is very long and bum covering and can be worn like a tunic or bunched up higher which is nice. The knit is slightly thicker than last years which was a bit sheer. I didn’t mind the sheerness at all in the grey but the oatmeal/heathered white version was way too sheer. 

When I read that these were reversible I was hoping that there would be two true distinct colors but it’s really just a different look due to the warp and weft of the knit with logos on both sides. At least thats the case with the grey and black ones. One side of the weave causes the color to appear more muted while the other side is smoother and darker. The true test of this would have been to see the Paris Pink/Blurred Grey version but I guess we’ll have to wait and see when readers receive their orders and share pictures. I don’t really feel that the almost 50% price increase is justified ($88 to $128). Originally I figured it was due to the added length as well as a double layer of fabric in which case the 50% would seem totally justified but for just adding length to this sweater I’d say an increase of 20-30% would be more reasonable. 

I was considering ordering the Paris Pink one to try on when I got home but it’s sold out in my size. I don’t really feel the need to hunt it down but if I see one in store or in another color I may give it a try. 

Chai Time Pullover II

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Anonymous December 9, 2011 - 2:29 am

This looks so nice on you!


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