Friday, June 14, 2024

Boxing Day Shopping Report and Photos Of The Latest

by Cristina

Boxing day shopping yesterday was a lot of fun with my sister. Its a tradition for us to go Boxing day shopping every year for the past 12 years even though for the past few years we’ve said we wouldn’t do it again up until Christmas Eve when we started getting the Must.Shop.Fever. It definitely helps when you have a stocking full of gift cards and cash from the parents so it really is soooo much fun spending fun money on things that are marked down without feeling an ounce of guilt. We used to drag the husbands and our brother with us and then we decided that they were just weighing us down so we’ve disinvited them from the tradition much to their appreciation. Yesterday we started with a stop in at Sephora so that I could exchange my new Clarisonic Mia for the Clarisonic Plus (review to follow soon). Sephora was deaddeaddeadsky and at first they gave me friction over doing an exchange on boxing day but they realized how dumb that was considering it’s a straightforward exchange, I was UPgrading a pricey product aaaaaaaand they had nobody in the store and no sales. 

Next on the list was the Lululemon boxing day lineup which is the hugest lineup in the mall (with the exception of the men folk lining up at Future Shop and Best Buy). The mall itself wasn’t terribly busy, about the same as a weekend at the mall. The sales inside the store where approximately the same as the online upload although I was able to find a stash of Savasana Socks on for $24 and Allegro Scarves on for $48. I picked up the socks and considered the scarf but passed on it since I don’t normally wear scarves. Now I’m sort of regretting not getting it but I’m sure they will have some left today if I am inclined to go back. I also got the new Run: Stay On Course Pullover in Pigment Blue but I’m considering taking it back and getting Will Pants instead. I think I just like last years Ambition Pullover a bit better and I’m not sure I need two of them. I’ll post a comparison of both shortly. I did however really like the look of the Run: Back On Track Tank but didn’t get to try it on because the fitting room lineups were insane. I’m a bit torn between the Pig Pink one and the Silver Spoon Multi Stripe and may end up picking one up with another exchange I have to make. I was hoping to see the Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover II but it wasn’t released yet, maybe Monday. I’m hoping to make it in today to do my exchanges and see if there are still sales racks out and if it’s not busy I’ll try on the Run: Back On Track Tank as well as the Will Pants and I’ll give you a review. 

Run: Stay On Course Pullover

Run: Back On Track Tank

Pig Pink Run: Stay on Course Tights with Run: Back On Track Jacket

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