Run: Turn Around Long Sleeve Fabric Details

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m quite surprised that the new Run: Turn Around LS’s are being called ‘Rulu’ (running luon) when to me they feel more like pique, just like the newest Pique/Mini Check Define Jackets and Vinyasa scarves. Reader ‘A’ was able to take a close up shot and give us a fabric comparison for reference.  The material is of course super cozy still and quite wonderful. It has a texture like a finely knitted sweater which is really nice for a technical top. I’m just wondering why they are choosing to market this as running luon and not pique/mini check.

Comparison of fabrics:

Boogie shorts made of pique fabric (tag says luon) – 75% nylon, 18% rayon, 7% spandex
Run Resolution LS (tag says running luon) – 91% nylon, 9% lycra spandex
New Turn Around LS (tag says rulu) – 72% nylon, 22% polyester, 6& lycra spandex.

Reverse side of the Plum 

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