Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Pink! Just a Random Post About Paris Pink (Sparkle Paris Pink Scuba, Cabin Tee LS, Pink Comparison)

by Cristina

Cali Lulu Buyers on facebook were lovely enough to provide a comparison photo of a few of the Lulu pinks. Left is the current Heathered Paris Pink which they report is especially soft compared to all of the Heathered CRB’s. I’m thinking of getting this one but I have Currant and Heathered Smokey Rose so I’m not sure. Middle CRB is Pow Pink and Right is Senorita Pink, both from a few years ago. We saw Senorita Pink last winter and Pow Pink was from about 2009-2010

Heathered Paris Pink, Pow Pink, Senorita Pink

(top) Heathered Paris Pink, (bottom) Heathered Smokey Rose

 I don’t need this Heathered Paris Pink Sparkle Scuba, I really, really don’t….but I LOVE the black logo on it.  I think it’s the nicest contrast logo I have seen on any of the scubas. Hot Pink and Black is such a wicked combo. 

 I’ve been hunting this Cabin Tee LS and I cannot wait to get it. I’ve been very sadly living in my Black Ombre stripe one until I added the Purple Ombre Stripe to my rotation and now I at least look like I do some laundrey. I love that the Purple one has solid Black Swan on the inside and I’m a bit bummed that this Pink one reverses to blurred grey just like the Black Ombre Stripe -solid pink on the inside would have made it truly awesome. 

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