The Latest: Full Tilt Long Sleeve, Gratitude Wrap, Live Simply Jacket and More

Such a great product drop today, if only I had room in my budget to get everything I want. 

Gratitude Wrap; Black Swan, and Black

I know I said earlier today that I was unsure if I was going to keep this but my husband ended up really liking the color on me so I ended up wearing it out tonight to Thanksgiving dinner x2 tonight. I also delivered my sister her very first Gratitude Wrap and it looked adorable on her. She loved it so much she actually skipped. 

 Live Simply Jacket; Ghost , Black Swan

I saw this jacket in store today and it’s so pretty in Ghost. I have the Sing Floss Travel Jacket so I didn’t try this one on since they are a similar style. The Heathered Swan one was really pretty as well. 

 Full Tilt Long Sleeve; Heathered Lilac, Ghost/Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

Oh if only I could have brought this one home today. It’s so pretty in this color. I really hope we see this in Paris Pink or in Persian Purple. But next month please lulu, when my budget resets.  

 Work It Out Pants Black/Black Slub/Denim, Deep Camo/Deep Camo Pique

I hadn’t initially liked these pants at all but on this model they look fantastic. Oh to be slim and tall! I really like this ‘Black Slub’ print. 

 Full Tilt Short Sleeve 

This has been on my wish list for a while now. The heathered rocksteady is my first choice but this heathered swan version is super pretty. I had a chance to try it on today and I thought it was TTS despite some reports of sizing down. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with Running Luon clinging to my tummy in the size 8 I think and since this is form fitting and sadly the only the size down for me is available in Rocksteady. This is a perfect ‘warm’ top to wear under the gratitude wrap since its short sleeve but not thin. 

 Pure Focus Tank Ghost

Integrity Tank

 Harmony Softshell Jacket – $198

This jacket seemed rather pricey for what it is. The design seems really basic and it’s also an in between weather type jacket. 

  1. That blonde woman looks better than lulu's models in every picture!For a moment I actually thought maybe I could pull off those Work It Out pants…

  2. Thank you lulumom for posting so many pictures of the clothes…I'm very excited about several of those pieces, and am praying they go online, since our lulu store doesn't open until Oct 28.

  3. omg i'd die to be skinny and flat like that blonde chick. she looks so great in that integrity hot tank! jealous. 🙁

  4. @ Anon 8:07 – I have a SFT that I love, and I tried on the Live Simply today and did not like it. I am of average/tall height and I found it was too long. I prefer the length of the SFT and the old Wear with All. Also, the sleeves were way long, and I have never had an issue with sleeve length with any other lulu item.

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