Upload Thursday

I didn’t buy anything today, can you believe it? Last night I was just itching for some new Fall item to make it’s way into my shopping cart and then today I’m a little hesitant with the items that did show up from my wish list. I need to hit the store tomorrow to see if anything new arrives before the holiday monday. 

Did you buy anything today?

Movement Legwarmers $48

I was wanting to get these leg warmers but I’m really stuck on the price. Last year the leg warmers were about $28- $38 and while still expensive, I could reason that it was the cheapest item in store and an easy impulse buy when nothing else interested me. Now this accessory is priced higher then some tank tops so it’s a little harder to justify. I’d rather get more for my money…not less. 

Turbo Tank

I loved this tank when I tried it on the other day. Even though it’s not a major cleavage bearing tank top it still has an edgy sexy quality to it, especially in this rich neutral. But I don’t *need* it so I’m going to be strong. 

Run Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

I seem to always second guess the Run Swiftly’s. Last year I really wanted the Power Purple one but second guessed myself and then they became impossible to find on ebay. I should learn my lesson but I’m going to wait to get this one since I want to get the Run Full Tilt Pullover hopefully in Raspberry if it’s made. 

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