Friday, June 14, 2024

Product Alerts

by Cristina

Lululemon product alerts are starting to appear in my inbox along with the store photos of this weeks items. I’m really excited by the Shale Speed Skirt and the Raspberry Scuba (although I will not be buying at the increased prices. They have far surpassed what I’m willing to spend on a hoodie) and the appearance of the seasons first running luon. I may not get the Run Full Tilt SS but I’m sure Run Full Tilt Pullover and LS are just around the corner and I’ll likely get one of those. 

Embrace Tank

Run Speed Skirt

Word on the street is that this version of the skirt also comes in a tall length. Totally ordering this on Thursdays upload. 

Run: Full Tilt SS Lavender Grey. This one is very pretty. 

Universal Wrap Heathered Ivory! 

Can’t wait to see what other Heathered Ivory items are coming 😉

Run: For Your Life Short

Scuba Hoodie Heathered Raspberry 

Lively Crewneck Tee Coal Ground Nesting Blackbird Print

Lulu Pant are back! 

Heathered Black, Heathered Lavender Grey, Heathered Blurred Grey, Black

Scoop Neck Tank

Lavender Grey. So pretty!

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