Friday, June 14, 2024

New Items: Run Full Tilt Long Sleeve, Run Full Tilt Pullover, Run Essential Jacket, Apres Piste Jacket

by Cristina

Ooooh a very exciting product alert just popped up on Lulu This Just In with some beautiful running items. I’ve been dying for some running luon items so I’m glad were seeing a LS at the same time as the pullover so we can better decide what to get. Last year we got lots of pullovers first and then later in December we started to see the Long Sleeves.  I think this year I want to get a Long Sleeve first since I don’t have one of those yet and then get a pullover at a later date. I would love to see something in Heathered Raspberry but I may get the Clear Sky LS pictured below. 

Run Full Tilt LS 

Run Full Tilt Pullover

Run Essential Jacket

Run See Me Ride 7/8 Tight

Apres Piste Jacket

Cuddle Up Jacket (mislabeled a Scuba)

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