New Items! Run: For Your Life Skirt, Newest Modern Racers, Run For Your Life Pullover

A new run skirt has made an appearance in US stores today called the Run: For Your Life Skirt. I just got my first run skirt today – the Run: Speed Skirt, and I love it so far so I’m excited about this one. I used to think the whole fad of running skirts was just a silly fashion statement and all about looking cute but I so get it now. You get so much more coverage then you do with shorts or luxtreme and the same airyness you get with shorts. I love that I can now run and not show all my neighbours my serious butt jiggle. My only concern now is with chub rub so I got myself a stick of Body Glyde and hopefully that is enough to keep me comfortable. The only thing that would make the speed skirt that much better is if it had a touch more length in the skirt and the inner shorts. 

Run: For Your Life Skirt

Run: For Your Life Pullover Magnum

I am crazy about this pullover. I’m more partial to running luon pullovers but I love the neckline on this one and the colors it comes in. I’ll have a hard time choosing between Magnum and Royalty 

 Modern Racer Tank Heathered Ghost

I really like Heathered Ghost as a white. It’s a very warm, soft white and a great neutral to have. I’m not sure I can justify one single more MRT but I’d love a heathered ghost CRB or run tank.

Is this one heathered magnum? My favourite grey of all time. I think I love it so much because it’s a mauvey grey. 

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