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Monday Product Drop (Updating Post)

August 22, 2011

Some new goodies to hit the stores today and a few items to make the cut for my wish list. The boys will be happy to see they finally get some love in the rain coat department with the Wet Coast Jacket. 

This Run Speed Skirt will be #1 on my wish list for Thursday if this color/print combo comes out in tall length.

A new pretty tank. This wont be on my wish list but I do really want to try it on. I’ll be starting Crossfit in late September so in addition to run gear I’ll be searching for perfect Crossfit Tanks.

oooh a Heathered Raspberry Scuba. So pretty (not loving the logo though). I got the Lively Crewneck Tee in Heathered Raspberry last week only because I love the color but I am extremely dissapointed to report that after two uses it’s pilled quite badly. I know heathered colors tend to be fuzzier but my new tee is in really rough shape. I also don’t love how much warmer it is then all my other pima tees are and I suspect it’s due to the increase in polyester. Kicking myself big time over that purchase. 

It’s running luon!!! Do I need it? Does Running Luon make sense in a short sleeve top? I’m on the fence with this one. On one hand I love that it’s running luon but on the other I think if I want short sleeves I want a cooler tee. Also, not sure I love the Minnie Mouse sleeves.

For the mens running line

Magnum is such a gorgeous color, I think I may want this one for Crossfit.

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7 responses to “Monday Product Drop (Updating Post)”

  1. Jersey Girl says:

    Re: the Embrace tank for CrossFit? I think that's a bad idea. It shows way too much skin (and other stuff) for CrossFit. I've been doing CrossFit for over a year, and I'd never wear something that revealing to lift weights. I think this…and I'm a private client. Something about teasing the boys in a CrossFit class while they're lifting really heavy weights just seems like a bad idea.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Embrace Tank is a JOKE!!! Who could possible feel comfortable working out in a top like that where either 1) your boobs will be popping out or 2) people will see that you have no boobs. Sorry to be so negative. I hope the method wrap comes out in ivory/ghost like the universal wrap 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ditto JerseyGirl on the Embrace and crossfit… it's too bare, and you are bent over all the time in crossfit – doing dead lifts, handstand pushups (or on the box)… let alone doing other movements like boxjumps and kettlebell swings. I can barely wear a CBR doing kettlebell swings.

  4. Crossfitter says:

    Thirding everything everyone else has said re: the embrace and crossfit. Most of the ladies who rock lulu, including me, @ crossfit are in CRBs and swiftlys–I've also worn the PB singlet and a few of the circle mesh tshirts, but nothing with a built in bra–I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear my own.

    I'd never wear anything low cut or lacking serious support, your boobs will fall out during burpees or box jumps if you're anything more than an A cup and that's just…not a good idea.

    The other thing I will suggest is not wearing luxtreme bottoms to crossfit… it's fine for running, but ah squats may show everything. I'm a luon girl all the way when it comes to xfit–usually wunder unders & grooves.

  5. MandyPots says:

    Most Crossfit days you will definitely need something supportive for running/jumping/etc. On a day where we are lifting slow or just rowing I will take the opportunity to wear a top that is prettier and has less coverage. My box posts the day's workout so I know what I am in for and how to dress appropriately. Not all do that. Any bottoms you wear must pass the bend-over test…I agree that eliminates luxtreme. And I always wear full length pants when rope climbing, I have some scars from a bad burn when I wore shorts.

  6. Anonymous says:

    In regards to the rope burn from crossfit, I keep a pair of tall socks in my gym bad for that. They eliminate ropbe burn and if I've worn crops/shorts and rope climbs come up, I just put on my tall socks.

  7. Lulumum says:

    @Jersey Girl, tempting the boys lifting weights is not something that I'm interested in the least (or flattering myself that I would be much of a temptation). Its hard enough walking into a gym that is primarily men when I'm used to running solo, or working out in a primarily female environment. I like to go in unnoticed so the Embrace tank was not one I was considering for CF, just one I wanted to try on since I'm keeping a look out for different tanks now that I'm doing a different activity. I'll stick to CRB's and appreciate the advice on staying away from luxtreme bottoms since that is what I use for running.

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