Thursday, June 20, 2024

Upload Thursday

by Cristina

Well I’d say this was a pretty fantastic upload, no? I ended up ordering the Run: Weightless Singlet in Citron and I think I’ll pick up the Pearl Luxtreme CRB next time I’m in the store or perhaps wait for another color run in it. I did really like the Heathered Pigeon on me and I loved the feel of the CRB but I think I want something darker. I love my CRB’s but I’m not much a collector of them as I just have 4 at the moment.

Oops, I just realized the Method Wraps were not uploaded today. Big bummer for those of you waiting for it.

What did you guys order today?

Run: Weightless Singlet

Cabin Long Sleeve

I love Royalty and the Cabin is pretty cozy but my first and last cabin LS pilled horribly.

Universal Wrap

Cool Racerback Heathered Pigeon (pearl luxtreme)

Scuba Hoodie Dewberry Wee Stripe Dewberry $108?

Did anyone successfully order this for $108? Is it too good to be true? I may buy it at this price.

Stride Jacket Dewberry

50 Rep Bra Rock Steady 

We’ve seen this color on an item before as a secondary detail color (can’t remember what) but the color is so pretty. I’d love to see this in a Sing Floss Travel Jacket or a Cool Racerback Tank in Pearl Luxtreme.

Canada Upload

US/International Upload

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