Saturday, June 15, 2024

Monday Product Drop Store Report

by Cristina

I stopped in at lulu today to check out the newest items and once again almost came home with some goodies but decided to stay strong until Upload Thursday since the last two have had some great surprise items and I’d like to order online just in case. 

The method wrap was really nice but there were a few things I didn’t like about it. First of all I tried on size 8 which is my Savasana Wrap size (my Gratitude Wrap size is 6) and I felt like I needed this in a 10.  it was really cute but to do it up takes some work as you need to line up an upper snap button on the inside first and then find the bottom ends of the zipper and do that up (tricky only because it’s angled) and then you need to arrange the neck snaps. Leaving it open doesn’t look great in my opinion so you sort of have to commit to wearing it done up all day long or be happy with it hanging open. 

The Acro Crops were really cool. Sorry, no pictures since I grabbed the wrong size and then was too exhausted after policing the dueling children to go out and get another size. They have the rolled cuff just like the Cali Roll Crops from last year at the lab and it has a really, really pretty silicone feather print on the lower calf. I’m really sad that the feather print CRB tank isn’t like this, embossed silicone overlayed over a non poly tank. I’d pay a few dollars more for that one. 

The Turbo Tank was not bad. I really liked how loose fitting it is around the middle without being matronly or maternityish. It’s just a bit wider of an a-line and thats exactly what I like in a tank. 

I knew from reports to not bother trying this Heathered Pigeon Pearl Luxtreme Cool Racerback  in anything smaller then a 10 so thats what I grabbed. I really, really loved this one but decided to wait for upload in hopes that there are more neutral pearl luxtremes uploaded in darker colors which would be more forgiving. If not then I will grab this one since I did really love the color and the feel of this tank. I also should have tried it on with luon pants and not jeans that show off my muffin top because I think I would have been happier trying it on with something I will be wearing this tank with. 

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Meeshelles July 19, 2011 - 6:39 am

Umm I love the Method wrap!!! I missed our on the Savasana as I was a complete newbie and knew nothing of Lulu supply and demand…. I wish it had the print inside but the snaps and zipper were a wonderful addition! I love snaps! I tried on the black in a 10 and it looked big on me! Go figure? Maybe the black us different? Picked up the Universal wrap instead (ZOMG) and am obsessed with it. Thanks for all the great posts!!!! LOVE your blog!

Lulumum July 19, 2011 - 2:46 pm

shoot, comments disappeared and someone was asking about the jeans and boots. The jeans are Levi's Skinny in a Bold Curve. I just got them yesterday for $50 on sale and I think I prefer the Demi Curve on me which I have in a skinny boot cut. Demi is a lower rise but has great butt coverage. I used to HATE Levi's because they never fit me well but they have made some amazing improvements and as much as I'd love to get the luxury name brand jeans, these just fit me best.

The boots are an ebay find from Anthropologie called the Primped and Pebbled boots. I missed out on them last year and finally found them on ebay in my size NIB. 🙂

Anonymous July 20, 2011 - 6:39 am

haha the little girls hanging out in the background of the pictures so cute!


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