Waltz Pants: A Note About Hemming.

I forgot to mention yesterday in my Review of the Waltz Pants that they are very, very long. They will most likely require hemming for most people but unfortunately Lululemon does not have the machine required to give you the same raw edge/surge stitch that’s on the bottom of these pants. If you would like to keep this same stitch, and I think it probably works best with this style of pants, then you are probably better off paying yourself to get a seamstress to hem these for you. The positive thing about that is you can probably get one hour service and have your pants back right away.

  1. I recommend calling ahead to the seamstress and asking if they can do a "rolled hem" because not everyone can do it. You don't want them to just surge it, because that leaves a very rough edge with threads hanging down. I've had some bad experiences, but a good tailor will know what a olled hem is. Nit's what they use on skirts and dresses that are cut on the bias.

  2. I got mine hemmed in vancouver and they kept the same hem. I would recommend asking the store to check with the hemming department to see which hem they will use.

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