Friday, June 14, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve

by Cristina

I’m not planning on getting anything on tomorrow’s upload based on what we’ve seen this week and last week in stores with the exception of the Waltz Pants. If they are uploaded in Coal/Blurred Grey I may be swayed to try them out since I really liked the ones I tried on yesterday. Will they be too warm for summer do you think? I really love them but I don’t think I have an actual need for them so I’ll likely pass  reluctantly. I can always be swayed by a new Modern Racer Tank and am patiently waiting for this years summer dress but I doubt that it will be uploaded tomorrow. 

What are you hoping to snag tomorrow?

Full Eagle Tank

Scuba Hoodie Surge

Circuit Tank

Bliss Tank

Power Dance Tank

Run: Willpower Tech

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