Monday, June 17, 2024

Spotted! Catherine Zeta Jones in Lululemon

by Cristina

Catherine Zeta Jones was spotted in Lululemon in this Daily Mail  news article. She’s hanging around on the movie set for Lay the Favourite being filmed in New Orleans. I wonder if her outfit will be part of the movie? I look forward to watching it since it has Joshua Jackson in it, a handsome Vancouverite. 

Catherine is wearing Deep Breath Tank in Black/Heathered Blurred Grey/Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super and the Salutation Crops in black and looking quite lovely despite the rollers in her hair. I’d read reports that Catherine Zeta Jones has come forward with a mental illness (bipolar) and I applaud her for her bravery. Mental illness is still highly stigmatized in our society so it can’t have been easy for her to publisize her illness but I’m sure it helps reduce the stigma to have celebrities come forward. 

*Thanks to reader Beth for sending me this link!

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