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I’ve been shopping around for some casual summer shoes to wear with my Lululemon clothes these past few days and I’ve given the TOMS Shoes a try and found a couple pairs that were cute (plain kaki green, pink glitters) but I don’t love how they look on me. I do like that the soles are quite cushioned and comfortable so I may buy a pair eventually if I see my perfect color/style. Yesterday I went to the mall to grab myself something special for mothers day (I like to treat myself too!) and briefly picked up these really cute Havaianas in dark blue with a Matryoshka doll design. I though they were super cute but for some reason I left them behind and went home empty handed. Now I’m sad that I didn’t just buy them then because I’m now obsessing about how adorable these are. I have a bit of a fascination about Matryoshka doll images so it’s really strange that I passed on these yesterday but since these are new as of April 2011 I don’t think I’ll have a hard time getting these when I next get to that particular store. 

The Slim Doll Collection has a few different versions, 2 Matryoshka dolls, 2 Japanese Kokeshi Dolls and 2 Brazillian dolls. I love Havaianas Flip-Flops and at $25 each it’s a pretty cheap summer shoe investment. They last forever and don’t seem to wear down so although I also like my $3 Old Navy Flip-Flops, if I see a pair of the Havaianas in a motif that I love I don’t mind spending $25 on them. I may in fact pick up the Navy pair and the red ones. 

What spring/summer shoes do you like to wear with your lulu’s?

Havaianas Slim Doll Collection



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  1. I have quite a few pairs of TOMS (I'm too scared to count:)) and I love wearing TOMS with my WU's and soemtimes my Still pants. Have you ever tried Tory Burch flip flops? I really love those too… they are a bit pricey, but if you can get them at an outlet, or on sale they are definitely worth it! They are all I wear in the summer! 🙂

  2. I've seen Toms in store and they didn't do much for me….but I discovered Sanuks and LOVE them! They don't ship to Canada directly but there are a few vendors up here that carry them and Killer Dana ships here as well. I have a pair of Donnas and a pair of June Bugs and they are crazily comfy. Lots of people swear by their flipflops as well, which are made from recycled yoga mats.

  3. Ooh, those are so cute!! I actually almost ordered the silver ones off Zappos.com after reading this post, but decided not to because with the way my feet tend to sweat (gross, I know), the design would wear off after a short while. In the summer, I love my Rainbow flip flops. Lots of basic colors and they last a lifetime! I also recently got some Sam Edelman gold flat sandals with a sexy zipper up the back…dresses up a basic outfit but still comfy for running around town with the kids. Whenever I see moms who are actually wearing something other than flip flops, I feel like they automatically look so polished, so I decided to get some sophisticated shoes too.

    Gosh, the Havainas really are SO cute though!

  4. If you have small feet as I do, you may be able to fit into children sizes. I wear a six in women's but can get away with a 4 in kids. I saved so much money by buying kids Hunters and Uggs.

    I'll be on the lookout for Kids Toms next time I go to a mall.

  5. I gotta say, I hate the way Toms look. It's the tuck- something about that tuck makes me feel like I live on a potato farm in the 1800s. BUT…I love Rocketdog canvas shoes. They're just so cute and so comfortable. However, nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the way Rainbows look on my feet and feel after they're broken in! They're amazing.

    If you're into the Sperry look, those are a great alternative to the Rocketdogs but you can't go wrong with Rainbows 🙂

  6. I also do not like the way the TOMS look, too retro for me. I love, love, love Sanuks. They are amazingly comfy. My fave flips are Reefs.

  7. I got them at Joneve at Metrotown last night. They had the Navy blue ones with the Matryoshka and the Japanese doll ones in silver. Suppppper cute.

  8. @ Penelope, I didn't love the way the TOM shoes looked on me for the same reason. something about the pleat and also the length of fabric on my upper foot was just too long.

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