So far two new items have made the facebook albums for Canada stores. The Cool Down Jacket which looks like a reversible luon/sheer luon jacket much like the Dance Studio Jacket but relaxed. And the Run Sunbeam Pullover. The pullover has some strange ruching at the lower arm just like the Aura Jacket has. I like the fitted ruched arms in my Aura Jacket but not sure I would like the seam details and snugness in something I would use for running in. Worth a try on first before I decide though. 

I’m feeling kind of lazy right now about getting out the door to check out lulu for my coveted Heathered Navy Dance Sing Floss Jacket. I suspect it wont be in today but the latest I’ve heard is that one of the  Canada stores got the Wren and not the Navy today, another store is reporting that they will be in ‘early June’ and another says ‘June 6’. So It sounds like they are delaying the release for some reason or another but that it will get here eventually. Hopefully the suspense of not knowing hasn’t caused any of you much distress. 


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