Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Latest Items

by Cristina

Cool Down Jacket and Pants 

I didn’t see either of these in store today and I would have been interested to try on the jacket. Not so much the pants. I’m not sure what the pants are called but I wonder if it’s “Cool Down Pants” to match the jacket. Judging by the crinklyness of the pants, my guess is that they are made of tencil. 

Run Sunbeam Pullover

I did see Sunblock Pullovers today and didn’t get a chance to try them on since my kids were non cooperative but I felt the fabric and it was much nicer then last years medical glove sunblockers. It felt more like a very thin luxtreme but slightly stretchier then luxtreme.  I hope to try one on tomorrow for the sake of a fit review but I don’t love how see thru they are. I liked the style of last years Savage Green sunblock pullover a bit better with  It was a looser fit around the middle and a dark color, both of which are mummy tummy friendly. A form fitting sheer top is a no go for me. 

Let it Loose Tank

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