Heathered Wren Savasana Wrap :(

Heathered Wren ‘HTHWwrss’ Savasana Wrap

Have you been patiently waiting for the Heathered Wren Savasana to make it to your store? It may have come and gone. Purely speculation,  but this reader has purchased one off ebay (US seller) with a black marker stripe on the rip out tag which is an indicator it was purchased on markdown and likely at one of the Factory Outlets.  I don’t think items like this typically get marked down when they have yet to reach other stores unless there are no plans for it to get to other locations.  It’s also possible that this was a sample colorway (nope, its the same as the PO) for the Factory Outlet and there is another colorway for the Wren Savasana. I haven’t seen pictures of it yet so I assume this is the regular colorway. 

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