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White Dance Studio Crops

April 11, 2011

Dance Studio Crops White

I was unsure that I would like the White Dance Studio Crops but just this weekend I found myself  regretting not getting the Coal ones that were out last month and are now long gone so I decided to try these ones on today and was surprised at how much I liked white pants paired. I tried it on with my Iris Aura Jacket and later when I got home tried it on with my Wren and Snorkel Modern Racer Tanks and the combination looks really nice with both. I think I’ve decided to stick with them in a size 10. My other Dance Studio Crops and Pants are size 8 and in darker colors I prefer the 8 but I think since these are lined and a bit sheer I’m better off with a bit of room. 

Dance Studio CropDance Studio CropAlternate View


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