Thursday, June 20, 2024

New In Store Today

by Cristina

Updating post, keep checking back..

Chai Time Pullover is back!!! 

This one looks a bit longer then the last version. I wonder if they updated the design. I can pass on this neutral color as I have it in black but I would be mighty tempted in it in a Tango Red. Pink Mist or Grapeseed. I’m a sucker for the jewel tones heathered in the knits. 

Back Bend Crops (Luon) and White Pure Focus Tank 

Bandhas Crops (Luon), Red Define and Grapeseed Scuba

Mind Over Matter Jacket

I don’t really see much point in a jacket like this. I love my lulu run jackets but a jacket like this will not protect you from the wind or the rain and it doesn’t have enough reflectivity to make it a justifiable extra layer. I tend to err on the side of no jacket in the warmer spring months, even on rainy days. there is no better rain gear then your own skin, as long as your not in danger of becoming too cold. The price for this mesh jacket is $118 and way over priced. Although I really wouldn’t find much usefulness for it at a reduced price either. 

Sing Floss Travel Jacket

I quickly tried this on today in a size 8 and I found it TTS or size down if your between sizes. The material was almost identical to the WWA and the Movement Jacket. The length was longer then the movement but shorter then the WWA so I think this will be a much better length for shorties like me. It had a metal zipper though and that’s a strike for me but in a color that I love this may get wishlisted anyways. I liked the seam details on this and found it very flattering and cozy but I have a few too many jackets and didn’t feel like I needed this right away. 

Scoop NeckTank, Dahlia

This Scoop Neck jumped out at me today because of the color. It’s gorgeous and I really hope we see more items in this color such as the Modern or the Pure Focus or a Cool Racerback Tank. 

Pure Focus Tank in Grapeseed and White

I saw the white Pure Focus today in store and I didn’t care for it in person. It was slightly sheer and I think you would see the cups underneath.

Coal and Tinted Canvas Pure Focus Tank

Heathered Coal? looks almost navy. 

V-Neck Swiftly’s!!

I also tried on the V neck swiftly today and quite liked it a lot. the V wasn’t very deep at all and the fit was the same as the crewneck version. I think the sleeves may be slightly longer which is way more flattering in my opinion, especially if your closer to bingo arms then you are to having guns. I really hope Lulu makes this vneck a core item in the run line. Me likey!

Run Speed Shorts Tango Red

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