Upload Thursday ~ So Far…

Well I ended up biting and getting the Live Healthy Wrap that I’ve been eyeing. I’m a wrap person so I’m really surprised I didn’t get a wrap in the Heathered Wish Blue or Heathered Plum which I loved for the colors. The front part of this wrap and the excess fabric drape is what really deters me. It’s just not a style I’m crazy about but I’m going to branch out a bit and see how it looks with jeans and other items in my wardrobe. I would have preferred this color in the Calm and Cozy as I’ve stated a few times now but judging by what the educators have told me it wasn’t sounding very promising. I was also tempted by the Modern Racer Tanks but passed on those.

What did you guys buy today? where you disappointed not to see Unicorn Tears Cool Racerback Tank?

Live Healthy Wrap Heathered Iris
Of course resistance is futile when you see a color you love. I ordered this one and will try it on. Perhaps I can add a button on the top to keep the wrap closed like in the lower right picture.

Modern Racer Tank

Scuba Hoodie Heathered Charcoal Heathered Heron Grey $128??? Why?  Price Corrected! Now $98!

This is a really nice grey for a scuba. 

Hot Class Tank Violaceous

I adore this tank! 

The Method Sock

Cute! last week they sold out fast in the Aruba color. I like them but I’m all about the wool sock these days. 

Studio Crop Wren
I found the sizing to be identical to my Dance Studio Pants but some have reported they found it 1/2 smaller then the pant version and not enough to size up.

Wunder Under Crop Iris Wee Stripe

Cool Racerback Tank Split Pea Wee Stripe
Pretty but not my cup of tea.

  1. Got the Studio Crops in coal and that's it. Was hoping for the Vio CRB and hat! And some unicorn tears. Hopefully next week!

  2. I find it unvbelieveable that I go on-line 20 min after I get the notification and the wrap in my size is gone…..

  3. I got the scuba in the grey and modern racer back in the shadowed grey, I ended up picking the same size as my crb…hope I made the right choice?

  4. Well, guess I was too late to the party. Studio crop in Wren in the size I need (10) is gone, only size 2's left.

  5. I found the fit on the Studio crops exactly as you described–my usual 6 looked a little tight on my tush (and since it is just one very thin layer of fabric across the bum, that is something to be careful of!) but when I sized up they were definitely too big. I wound up getting the pants because I also didn't like where the hem of the crops hit my calves.

  6. i got the MRT in the stripes, grooves in Bone quilt, DSCs in both colors, and the violaceous hot class. sadly the thing i wanted most was a CRB in wee iris. oh well.

  7. The difference was in the chest area mostly. I can wear it comfortably but it does squish my boobs in a bit and doesn't slouch around the waist as my size 8's do. I prefer the fit of the size 8 on me.

  8. I did order TTS in the LH Wrap. I've tried it on before and I don't quite remember the fit but I either tried on my size or the size down and found it fit perfect. The arms may be slighty snug at first depending on the cut but I find the knit relaxes quite a bit (found this in my Calm and Cozy and Chai).

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