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Upload Thursday Eve

February 10, 2011

My only wish for tomorrows upload is an appearance of the new Rubber Ducky Scuba Hoodie with ‘soft lavender’ contrast. I will be so upset if it ends up being a special edition pillow scuba because I want just a plain and simple scuba with plastic zipper, gimmick free. Also, I’d love to see the Sprinkler Hot Class Tank but I’m not sure that will be uploaded this week. It’s been a pretty slow week in stores as far as products released so I’m not expecting too much tomorrow, although once again the mens items were uploaded this afternoon so you never know.

Last weeks facebook tease about special online only items was a pretty big letdown with only the Passion Crops and Oasis Wraps uploaded. Especially since those ‘online only’ items were found in stores and showrooms in the same colorways throughout the week according to several reports. I would have thought that a tease like that would have lead to a more grand upload. Oh well, I’m keeping my expectations low this week. I fully expect the two items I’m after to not get uploaded tomorrow.

What are you hoping to see tomorrow?

Hot Class Tank

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