There was very little new in stores this week so I think we’ll be seeing the Hot Class Items (Shorts, Bra and Tanks) Raw Blue Still Pants and Coal Strata Cool Racerback Tank, Margarita Strata Stripe Power Y and Special Edition Cool Racerback Tank. The mens items have already been uploaded today so perhaps there is more in store for the upload then what we’ve seen in stores.

Just posted by Lululemon!!

Keep your eyes peeled on tomorrow morning. Online only products will be arriving soon!

My wish list for Upload Thursday:

-Gratitude Wrap (heathered fox, stitch or ivory). If a damaged Gratitude Wrap in a popular color can sell for $250 on ebay then Lululemon would be crazy not to release these once again. It’s really a Spring/Fall season wrap. If lulu doesn’t do it I’m going to hire a seamstress to whip these up for me so I can sell knock offs. Not really, I’m just joking. but you get the idea. The label would say ‘lulumum‘ ;p.
-A Rubber Ducky Scuba. I don’t *need* a scuba but I would certainly get one in this color.
-More Hot Class Tanks! I’d love a solid Aruba version or even a solid Beachy Green or Margarita Green. I’ve taken the tags of my Aruba/Coal one and really, really love it. It’s a loose fit in the torso without being baby doll/maternityish but more like a loose fitting tee on the bottom. The sheer luon material is heavenly and soft and it’s the most comfortable tank I have ever worn, especially since the bra portion is made out of luxtreme with circle mesh inner liner.
-A Raw Blue Cool Racerback Tank. This is an essential closet staple.

What’s on your wish list for tomorrows upload?

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