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February 8, 2011

Flashback Pullover 

This is Heathered Ivory and not Heathered Clarity Grey as I thought it was when I saw it in store. The Heathered Ivory makes this much more tempting for me. I love the Flashback Pullover, it’s a really secksi pullover that has an 80’s feel to it. I’m of strong opinion (feel free to disagree in the comments) that you should stay tts to achieve the off the shoulder, slouchy look. Sizing down still works but you just don’t get the same character of the sweater that way. If you choose to size down, the front of the sweater will hang strait down on you and make the kangaroo pockets lay flatter against your tummy, and by sizing down the band at the bottom around the hips will also be snugger. If you’ve had the Flashback pullover before, this one is a bit thinner then the last versions that was out, I think I like this thinner version even better. I’m  quite hippy and found the off the shoulder neckline really balanced my shape out quite nicely and it looked especially nice with Wunder Under Crops. Went well with jeans and Relaxed Fit pants but the lean look of the Wunder Unders was best of all. 

Flashback PulloverFlashback PulloverAlternate View


SE Scuba Hoodie (pillow) Beachy Green. 

Annoyed that this was out and not the Rubbery Ducky Scuba. 

Scuba HoodieScuba HoodieAlternate View


In Stride Jacket Sprinkler

In Stride JacketIn Stride JacketAlternate View


Cabin LS Tee Sprinkler Blue Heathered Shadow Grey Tropic Stripe, Shadow Grey

Cabin Tee Long SleevesCabin Tee Long SleevesAlternate View


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